Party photos by Aleksey Volchek

Volchek Shot Me


I've been documenting people celebrating life since 2007. Live music, beautiful humans, and interesting artists. The majority of my history as a photographer comes from LA's electronic dance music scene up until I moved back home to Florida in 2017.



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Hosted Photo Booth

Party Package:

  • 300 4x6 Prints

  • Background Stand

  • Up to two hours - great for when guests arrive


After Party Package

  • Up to 600 prints

  • Up to five hours - for the after-party cray-cray



Party Package - 497After Party Package - 697

Roaming Photobooth


I use fish-eye and a dragged shutter to make the photo look like an epic party. A limited number of photos of people while roaming will be shot in a traditional way, this is a job for a different photographer.




I will walk up to groups of people at your event and take their photos. Includes basic environmental images of where the event is taking place. These prints are not instant and are delivered to you days after the event. Up to 100 prints.


Party add-on - 197Afterparty add-on - $297

Invite me to your party

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